Gio not only transformed my body but he gave me the motivation I lacked to staying consistent. Now I’m alway excited and look forward to the gym.


I had Enlisted into the marines and I felt a bit overwhelmed knowing I now had to become physically and mentally strong. Gio took no days off on me. He set a goal and routine for me and push me even at the times I felt like quitting. Gio’s motivation to help me reach my fitness goals is something I’ll be ever grateful for.

The gym wasn’t an absence for me. I always spend my time working out, but I was never sure on why I couldn’t make the gains I wanted to. Gio put me on new regimens and gave me meal plans to help with my gains. I can now say I’m confident to know what steps I need to continue taking in my workouts and diet thanks to Gio.

Gio had been a great coach and friend. He’s someone I truly can count on not just when it comes to fitness but in a genuine positive influence way. He gave me the inspiration to believe in myself and follow a new healthy lifestyle. I can’t thank him enough!

It was hard committing myself to another online coaching program. I had some doubts if I ever wanted to do it again from no to great experience. Gio explained to me very thorough on what his program consisted of. What I really loves about Gio was his work ethic and the effort he put into me.

He didn’t just hand me off a spreadsheet and told me to send him check in every two weeks. He hold me accountable every single day. Whether it was a macro check in or calorie count, or just me brining up a whole list of why’s about the workout videos lol. Gio was always attentive, very professional and showed he truly cared about my progress.

So far 8 weeks I’ve lost 18lbs and went from a size 6 to size 4! this man is serious about his work and I don’t see myself finding a better coach like him. Thank you again Coach G

Scottsdale AZ

I never had trouble staying in shape but for a while I’ve been trying to put on more lean muscle mass. I remember the first thing Gio said when we talked was.. how bad do you really want this because if you don’t want it as bad you want to breathe I’m not your Coach.

From there on I knew I had found the right person to help me with the goals I wanted. Thanks to Coach G I gain 10lbs of solid mass and also became a lot stronger. Can’t thank this guy enough!

Pensacola FL