About Me


Giancarlo, most know me by Gio or Coach G.

I can tell you how I became a coach or I can tell you what made me into the man I am today. It all started when I was given my freedom back. A second chance to turn my life around and become someone better than who I was. During that period of time, I had to sit with myself, reflect and prepare for what lay ahead.

With all the pain and time came the glory.

I created an opportunity out of obstacles to make a positive turn around in my life. I devoted my life to longevity and uplifting others through positive means. I finally found my purpose and passion through the trials and tribulations I endured earlier in my life and this is me saying you can too. You can also become the best version of yourself by having the mindset to overcome and achieve anything you want in life. This is my purpose, this is my why. This is me saying I’m here to help you change and transform your life for the better, just how I did. With the experiences and lessons I’ve taught myself, I will guide you and push you through the struggles and challenges. Fitness is just more than a physical change or stronger body. It’s an overall stronger mindset and with it you can achieve everything you want in your life. I’m here to help you achieve it. I’m here to give you the motivation to fuel your discipline and ignite the fire inside you. I want this for you but most importantly you gotta want it for yourself. Now Let’s WORK!