About Me


My name is Giancarlo, most know me by Gio and this isn’t your typical about me bio. This is me telling you that my whole life has been about grinding and hustling.

I’ve done everything from selling chocolate bars, CDs, shoes to eventually things that got me into trouble. I thought I had it under control but before I knew it I was paying time for it. During that period of time, I had to sit with myself reflect and get right.

Inside I worked out 3 hours a day. Once I got out I knew I had to step up and grow into the man I want to be. However I still had struggles and endeavors I had to take care of. I took on a sales job making close to 6 figures a year but realize I wasn’t happy.

So I decided to roll the dice and take one step backward so I can take two steps forward. I went into the hospitality industry in search of connecting with others and making time for myself and for my true passion that I had found. The passion to help others get right and become the best version of themselves. With all the pain and time came the glory.

I created a opportunity to make a positive turn around in my life. I devoted my life to longevity and uplifting others through positive means. This is me paying my dues, this is my fulfillment. Having the ability to helping others and make a difference in their life. This is me saying you can do it too.

You can be motivated to be the best version of yourself. I’am Gio, I’m a Personal Trainer, Coach and I’m here to help you get motivated now let’s get started!