About Me


Giancarlo Silva is a Certified NASM trainer, coach, nutritionist and founder of Get Motivated Fitness, a coaching program with tailored workouts and meal plans, designed for those looking for a new approach to living a healthier lifestyle. Launched in March 2020, Get Motivated Fitness offers a 30-day at home workout program, an 8-week and a 12-week program to not only help achieve personal fitness goals, but prepares clients to take on mental challenges as well.

Prior to coaching, Silva served a 12 month sentence in FSP he became a bartender for various upscale Miami hotspots soon after his release. During this time he struggled with depression and turned to fitness and creating healthy habits in order to climb out of that state of mind. 

Silva found his passion for coaching when he realized he wanted to do the same for others and help them overcome struggles and challenges like he once had. His firsthand experience with depression and living an unhealthy lifestyle, helped him build a tailored solution those struggling actually need.  

“I created an opportunity out of obstacles to make a positive turn around in my life. I devoted my life to longevity and uplifting others through positive means. I finally found my purpose and passion through the trials and tribulations I endured earlier in my life and this is me saying you can too”

Born in Miami, FL, Silva earned his certificate in the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Shortly after, he launched Get Motivated Fitness. 

Silva resides in Miami, FL, where he enjoys going to the beach, ATV riding, rock climbing, hiking, traveling, and cooking to reset and recover.