Giancarlo Silva

Fitness and Body Specialist
Giancarlo is a personal trainer, athlete, functional trainer and online coach based in Miami, FL.

My Experience

Certified trainer, athlete, online coach and full time motivator. Gio specialize’s in rapid-fire fitness routines, functional training, calisthenics and body building. He’s created effective fitness routines to empower others seeking to be the best version of themselves possible.

My training routines combine strength, conditioning, and mobility to make sure you are not only getting bigger, faster, and stronger but also more mobile and durable so that you can minimize your risk for injury and keep training and getting better. I use what works and what is going to help me or my client get the results they want, which is why in addition to using body weight, I also incorporate barbell, dumbbell, battle rope, calisthenics, steel club, and functional exercises into my routines.

In addition to training hard in the gym, I also make a concerted effort to make sure I eat well and fuel my body with the right nutrients to help me recover strong. I believe fitness is a lifestyle and with proper training, rest and nutrition you too can be the fittest you can be and crush your goals.

30 Day Home Workout Guide

This ebook is a complete 30 day GYM-LESS workout program for both men and women designed to keep your heart rate elevated and burn fat!

These completely bodyweight based workouts can be done in the comforts of your own home, the beach, the park, literally anywhere and everywhere you are! Within this program you will have assigned rest days, cardio days as well as assigned yoga days to assist in the rest and recovery of your body & your mind.

Finally, not having a gym is no longer an excuse to NOT see results. Don’t confuse this with just another workout plan. I developed this course to improve mental strength and physical. All I need from you is the will and drive to become better and I got you with the rest.

Coaching Questionnaire

“My get motivated fit workout routines are built to create a stronger body but more importantly a stronger mind”

“Whether is one on one training or coaching clients online. I put all my years of physical performance and experience into helping you reach your fitness and health goals”

“We all want change and it all starts with you, with believing in yourself”

“If you really want it, it’s already yours. Go get it! It’s time to step into your greatness”

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